What Were 2013′s Top Christmas Gifts?

Did you get the feeling over Christmas 2013 that you weren’t quite sure that you were buying the “right” thing?  If you want to know whether the smile from a relative or loved one was genuine or contrived, you could do a lot worse than check out this set of facts and figures related to the top Christmas gifts of 2013.  Were you the sort of person who bought the popular yet predictable gift, or were you someone who had some originality and went for things that no one would ever have expected to unwrap?  This infographic will go a long way towards putting your mind at rest, especially if the pre-Christmas blues have been eating away at you.  Discover whether you were a great gift buyer for Christmas 2013 and if your gifts were well loved, and perhaps even arm yourself with some great ideas for when Christmas suddenly arrives on the horizon once more.
Jane Miller is always on the lookout for a great red wine gift; her husband arranges for her to be sent flowers every month and she wants to start doing something similar for him.

What Were 2013's Top Christmas Gifts?

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