Top Toys for Christmas 2011

Check back in October when we will release the Dream Dozen for 2012. In the meantime check out the List from 2011 and 2010.

Top Toys for Christmas 2011

The Dream Toys for Christmas 2011 was been announced on October 26th 2011 by the Toy Retailers Association, who provides the toy industry with the official list of “Christmas Best Sellers”. The Toy Retailers Association (TRA) annual Dream toys list is the official prediction of Christmas best sellers for the UK toy industry. This years dream dozen toys for 2011 has seen the trend in technological advanced toys, this trend might follow 2010 dream dozen list. This years selection includes toys with a technological twist, ranging from tablet computers for children to toys that interacts and engage with children.

This years best selling toys were drawn from 7 categories, top 10 toys for boys, top 10 toys for girls, top 10 cool and hot toys, top 10 games, top 10 contruction toys, top 10 creative toys and top 10 pre-school toys.

Best Selling Toys Christmas 2011

Below are the Dream Dozen Toys for 2011.

    1. Milky The Bunny
    2. Fijit Friends
    3. Kidizoom Twist
    4. LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer
    5. Moshi Monsters Moshling Treehouse
    6. Nerf Vortex Nitron
    7. LEGO Ninjago Fire Temple
    8. Lets Rock Elmo
    9. Doggie Doo
    10. Fireman Sam Pontypandy Multi Rescue Set
    11. Monster High Lagoona Blue Doll And Hydration Station
    12. Star Wars Ultimate FX Lightsaber

From the Top Toys for Girl categories we have two entries which are Milky the Bunny Emotion Pet from Flair and Monster High Lagoona’s Hydration Station from Mattel. From the Top Toys for Boys category we have Nerf Vortex Nitron Blaster from Hasbro and Star Wars Ultimate Force Tech Lightsaber Assortment by Hasbro. from Top Pre-School category Toys we have Lets Rock Elmo by Hasbro, Kidizoom Twist Camera by Vtech and Fireman Sam Pontypandy Multi Rescue Set by Character. From the Top  Games category we have Doggie Doo by John Adams and from the Top Construction Toys category we have Ninjago Fire Temple by Lego. From the  Cool and Hot Toys categories we have Fijit Friends by Mattel, LeapPad Explorer by Leapfrog and Moshling Treehouse by Vivid.

We are eagerly awaiting the results on October 26, 2011 for this year best socking fillers. Other retailers have already released their predicted best selling toys:-

Top Selling Toys for Christmas 2010

Here it is the list the major retailers were waiting for and parents dread, “Top Toys for Christmas 2010?. The annual Dream Toys list from the Toy Retailers’ Associations (TRA), the industry’s official prediction for Christmas best sellers. Last year Top Toy for Christmas saw the Go Go Pet Hamsters topping the best seller charts, with most stores in the UK running out of stock within weeks of general release.

The Top 12 Dream Toys or Dream Dozen Toys 2010 were drawn from 6 categories, top toys for boys, top toys for girls, top cool toys, top creative play and top pre-school toys.

From the Boys Toys category we have Jetpack Buzz Lightyear from Mattel from Toy Story 3, the highest grossing animated film in 2010. Sylvanian Families Motorcycle and Side Car by Flair Leisure, FurReal Go Go Walking Pup by Hasbro and Zhu Zhu Hamsters Grooming Salon by Character Options were selected from the Girls Toys category. The Creative Play category is represented by Fireman Sam Deluxe Fire Station Playset by Character Options and Kidizoom VideoCam by Vtech.

The Games category is represented by a new twist of the classic Monopoly board game called Monopoly Revolution by Hasbro and racing one of the family to blow up a 3ft tall inflatable character with the Pumpaloons action game by Drumond Park. The Creative Play category is represented by toys than will keep minds and hands busy long after Christmas Day, LEGO City Airport and Moon Dough Barn by Spinmaster Toys make the Dream Dozen List. Finally, from the Cool Toys category we have the uber cool Paper Jamz Guitar by Wow Wee Europe and Nerf N Strike Stampede ECS.

The Toy Retailers Association represents around 2500 stores and over 100 different companies accounting for 60% of toy retailers and this is the 44th year they have predicted the Top Toys for Christmas.

Best Selling Toys for Boys 2010

Along with the Dream Dozen List the TRA also predicted a list of the 12 best selling toys for boys this Christmas 2010:-

Armouron Action Set Bandai
Bakugan Maxus Dragonoid 7-in-1
Ben’s Mark 10 Car
Beyblade Super Vortex Battle Set Hasbro
Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Character Options
Hot Wheels Dr Bones Colour Lab Mattel
Jet Pack Buzz Lightyear Mattel
Kung Zhu Battle Arena
Star Wars: Clone Wars General Grievous Lightsaber
Star Wars: Hoth Wampa Cave
Toy Story Collection Sheriff Woody Vivid
UNSC Arctic Rocket Warthog

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