Top 10 Nice Ways To Treat Your Mother To A Nice Present

We all know our mothers deserve a treat, but flowers and chocolates as Mother’s Day gifts are just so predictable. So why not go out of your way to make this year’s Mother’s Day a bit more interesting? There are plenty of things you can buy or do that are just a little out of the ordinary which can make your mum’s day more special and show that you’ve put some real thought into it. Here are just a few suggestions to get you started.

Experience days

These are an increasingly popular choice and there are lots of different options on offer. Treat your mum to a spa day or a manicure, or if she’s the adventurous type send her on a hot air balloon flight or make your dad green with envy by booking her a day driving a Ferrari or other racy sports car.

Breakfast in bed

This is a simple but always popular choice, it’s nice if the kids do it themselves but Dad might need to supervise if younger children are involved. You can make it a bit special with a touch of added luxury; try some smoked salmon with scrambled eggs on a toasted muffin. Alternatively crusty fresh bread with English marmalade and maybe a glass of bucks fizz to add the finishing touch.

Meals out

You might need to book ahead for this one but it’s always nice to save your mother the chore of having to cook the Sunday lunch on her special day. Whether you opt for dinner at a smart restaurant, lunch at a country pub or fish and chips on a breezy sea front, food that someone else has prepared always tastes better.

Bake a cake

If you’re handy in the kitchen then make your mum a cake. A marzipan-covered Simnel cake is ideal for traditionalists or a simple sponge if your spatula skills are a bit rusty. Culinary wizards will want to go mad with the icing bag and write mum’s name in the top. Don’t worry if it doesn’t come out quite right – at least you had a go!

Personalised gifts

It’s always nice to give something a bit different. Get your mum something with her name on it or that features a family portrait and it will be treasured long after the flowers have wilted and the chocolates have been eaten. There are loads of choices to buy from mugs and aprons to cute teddy bears. Remember to allow time for delivery though if you’re ordering online.

Albums and scrapbooks

For something really personal and special why not put together an album using some family photographs? Or if you’re a creative type you could assemble a scrapbook using photos and maybe some mementoes from a recent outing or holiday – tickets, brochure and newspaper clippings, the only limit here is your imagination.

Framed pictures

If you’re not quite up to the challenge of scrapbooking something you can do is to pop a favourite photo into a nice frame. If you don’t know what to choose get a big frame and put together a montage of smaller snaps, you could have various members of the family and pets arranged around a central picture of your mum for example.

 Book a weekend away

Whisk her off her feet and take her off somewhere for the weekend. Whether it’s a quiet hotel in the country or a bustling city break, take her somewhere she’ll be pampered and waited on. You might have to send your dad too!


We know diamonds are a girl’s best friend but even if your budget won’t stretch that far jewellery still makes an ideal Mother’s Day gift. Look for local designers offering different and quirky styles or bold signature pieces. Even if you’re budget is tight, costume jewellery can offer an interesting gift. Buy a simple pendant and have it engraved with a personal message for example.

Flowers and chocolates

Okay, I know what I said at the start, but sometimes predictability is just what you need. Put a bit of thought into the buying though, make sure you get her favourite blooms and perhaps add a special message. If you’re buying chocolate get something you know your mum likes and tell the rest of the family to keep their hands off!