The Geekiest Gifts for 2013

Buying gifts for the technology-obsessed geek in your life is a mixed bag. On the one hand, modern society is so gadget-focused that there are hundreds and thousands of products falling into this category, with new ones coming out every year (or, in fact, every month). This can mean that you have a broad choice. On the other hand, however, it can be difficult to pick the right item if you’re unfamiliar with the technology involved, and some products can be pretty expensive. Read on if you want a few ideas that could help you to satisfy their thirst for electronics.

Mimobot Flash Drives

Whether or not your geeky loved one actually works in the technology field, the chances are that he has a flash drive or two. These portable storage devices are widely used by anybody who uses a computer at work and who must occasionally transfer larger files between different PCs. The Mimobot drives add a little flair to the normally plain and boring flash drive design by encasing it in a miniature character from geekdom. From Star Wars to Spider Man, these lovable critters come in a range of flavours and store from 4GB to 16GB.

USB Wall Outlet

So simple, yet so brilliant. This product replaces your ordinary wall power socket and features a built-in USB port. The idea is that instead of charging your USB-compatible device from your PC – be it a smartphone, MP3 player, or tablet – you can plug it straight into the socket. Given that any tech fiend worth their salt will own half a dozen USB-charged devices, this is a great stocking-filler or thoughtful birthday gift.

Logitech Washable Keyboard

Another great and practical gift which will solve a common problem. Your favourite geek probably spends a fair amount of time hammering away on their keyboard, possibly whilst they’re eating. And if they’re racing to meet a deadline, they might be so hopped up on coffee that they knock their cup over. Never fear, as this washable keyboard makes cleaning your workstation a cinch. You do have to hand wash it, but it can be submerged with no ill effects and the key characters are fade-resistant.

Roku LT

The Roku LT is a media hub. What this means is that it connects various different services and allows you to control all your media from one place and watch it all on one screen. As a lot of the more tech-savvy population are moving away from regular TV and towards streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu, these solutions are in high demand, and it just so happens that the Roku is the cheapest on the market whilst still providing full functionality.

A Gift Card For Their Favourite Tech Store

Of course, if you’re really stuck for ideas or if you know there’s a big-ticket item that they have their eye on, you could always spring for a simple gift card. If you’re worried that this might be too plain and boring, putting it into a gift card holder can make your offering seem more substantial and give the recipient a more permanent memento of the occasion.

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