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Experience Days: The Perfect Gift

It’s one of life’s annoying little frustrations that some people are just incredibly hard to buy gifts for. Even if you know them well, and you really want to get them something special, it can sometimes be an absolute nightmare finding them an appropriate gift that you know will knock their socks off. So do experience days make such a good gift? Often when buying gifts, most people are looking for something physical; a DVD or a gadget perhaps, and that’s where it gets tricky. Experience days are great for gifts because you’re buying someone a large dose of fun that they’re guaranteed to remember for years to come!

Who wouldn’t enjoy driving a fast car for the day, or learning to fly, or going on an exclusive pamper day?! Most experience day websites have something for everyone, so if your recipient wouldn’t appreciate an adrenaline pumping day out, you could always opt for something a little bit different such as a flying lesson. The main point here is that you have choice, and choice makes buying gifts for people a hell of a lot easier.

How does it Work?

If you’ve never purchased an experience day before then you might be wandering how it works. Most people’s concerns are regarding flexibility on dates and locations. If you choose to book through a reputable source then you should be given a good choice of locations for each activity. When you purchase your activity of choice, you’re typically given a voucher that can be used within a certain time period. For example, you probably wouldn’t want to do a hot air balloon ride in the winter, but you could easily purchase the voucher at Christmas and book for the spring when you’re much more likely to get favourable weather.

If that’s not enough, then we’ve listed a few ideas below of the sorts of things you could be surprising your loved one with:

Aerobatic Flight

Does your friend or family member love seeking new thrills, but has seen enough of the standard theme park rides? Well, if so you could consider sending them up in an aerobatic display plane to experience some terrifying loop the loops and barrel rolls. Many of these packages will also let you have a go at flying the plane and performing some stunts by yourself. Awesome!

Indoor Skydiving

For something really different, you could consider buying someone an indoor skydiving experience. For those who aren’t familiar with the sport, it basically involves dressing up in a suit with webbed arms and standing on top of a giant fan. The lift from the fan enables you to fly up into the air and roll around and pretend you’re superman.

But What about Mum?

If you’re looking for something a little bit more relaxing, and don’t think a parachuting voucher would go down too well with your mum, then there’s plenty of options left. One of the most popular experiences are hot air balloon rides in a location of your choice. We reckon your mum would definitely appreciate seeing the sunset over English country side in the peace and quiet of a balloon.