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Dr Who Battery Powered Ride in Daleks

Daleks are no doubt the most popular extraterrestrial character from BBC Doctor Who science fiction television series ever since their first appearance in Doctor Who second series aired in December 1963. The day of The Daleks are once again upon us with Kids@Play 6 volt battery powered ride in Dalek toys for children. Already tipped to be a Christmas best seller, the Ride in Dalek is designed to meet the new and essential safety standards.

The Dalek ride in toy has an inflatable body attached to a high density plastic base which is very durable and safe that’s perfect for indoor and outdoor play.

Features of Kids@Play Ride in Daleks

  •  6v rechargeable battery powered motor
  • 360 degrees steering
  • Maximum speed of 3km
  • 10 button activated popular phrases from The Daleks
  • Flashing lights for an atmospheric glow
  • Surrounded by a soft bumper

The Ride in is suitable for children aged 3 to 6 years old with a maximum weight of 30kgs.

Where to buy Doctor Who Ride in Daleks

Recommended retail price for the Ride in Daleks  is £199.99, the Gift Guru has checked it’s gift database to find the best online retailers offering this innovative kids toy.