Gift Baskets For The 5 Types Of People In Your Life

Winters are a season of joy and what better way to celebrate the festive essence than coming up with extraordinary gift baskets for the loved ones in your life? The best thing about gift baskets is that they not only look stunning, but they can also be personalized to accommodate just about anyone. Be it for a book lover, a music lover, a fashion lover, or even a hiking enthusiast, the possibilities are endless when it comes to gift basket ideas. Listed below are 5 epic gift basket ideas for your passionate loved ones.

For the outdoorsy

Is your loved one an adventure junkie who hops at every opportunity to go out and explore the wilderness? Know someone who’d rather go sledding or ice fishing into the woods rather than staying snug at home? If you have such people in your life who have a yearning for the great outdoors, there are a number of awesome winter gift hamper ideas you could come up with. In your gift hamper, you can add things like a sturdy pair of ear plugs or earmuffs, a tiny first aid kit, flashlights, GPS devices, compasses, hand warmers, insect repellent, and more. Even adding some foods like protein bars, trail mix, hot chocolate, crackers, dried fruit, and so on, would be a great idea. For a bigger gift basket, things like trail shoes, camp stove, mini barbeque grill, sleeping bags, and subscriptions for outdoor magazines would be epic!

For the bookworm

For some people, winter means a season when they can stay indoors, curled up inside their blankets with a book and mug of hot chocolate in hand. Seriously, for any book lover, what better way to enjoy the cold winter season?  Any bookworms like these in your life? If you’re looking for some inspiration for a winter gift basket for the booklover in your life, there’s plenty you could chuck into your gift basket. Some of the items could include the latest book by their favorite author, a book mark, a reading light, a light blanket or a snuggle, a gift card, a candle or an incense stick, packet of powdered cocoa, hot chocolate, coffee, warm socks, a coffee mug, a tin of cookies, and so much more!

For the fashionista

Are there any fashion and glamour-obsessed loved ones on your gift list this holiday season? If yes, there are a number of fashion-fabulous gifts you could splurge on. Literally, the possibilities are endless if you’re preparing a tidy gift basket for the fashionista in your life. You can lay your hands on some elegant and funky winter wear such as stylish ear muffs, mufflers, fake fur coats, jackets, spunky mittens, halfway leg warmers, high boots, gloves, and so on. Someone who loves fashion is bound to love cosmetics and so you could also consider adding items like cold creams, moisturizing lotions, body oils, shampoos, body washes, and whatever other winter care cosmetics you can possibly think of.

 For the pub lover

Winter season is all about hosting and attending parties and enjoying plenty of entertainment with family members, friends, and loved ones, and so it’s only obvious that there are going to be quite a few beer and cider lovers on your holiday season gift list. A winter gift hamper for the pub lover in your life could include interesting things like sampler bottles – these are inexpensive and are ideal for sampling a range of different drinks. You could also go for accessories such as liqueur truffles, wine bottle opener, ice buckets, martini glasses, wine glasses, shakers, chillers, and monogram coasters. Thought it might seem a tad tacky, slipping in a gift card would also be a great idea. Whether your loved one is a frequent drinker lover or even they prefer a drink once in a while, these awesome items in a gift basket are bound to accommodate anyone.

For the pet lover

Any pet lovers on your holiday gift list? Winter is a season of joy and for most pet lovers nothing brings more joy than snuggling in front of a fireplace with a warm kitty on the lap or their furry canine by their side. If you have such loved ones in your life who love their pets to bits, winter is a great opportunity to shower them with a pet gifts and show them you care for their pets too! There are some ultimate pet gifts available in the market that your gift basket will be loaded in no time. Right from dog shoes, to boots, to dog coats, mittens, sweaters, paw balm, to dog beds and nail clippers, the options are literally endless. Oh and yes, winters are all about goodies and good food and so you might want to gift your feline and canine friends some tasty treats such as meat, salmon, a can of sardines, roasted chicken, and of course, lots of gourmet dog biscuits, bone-shaped cookies, and much more!

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Emily Ferraro, the author of this article, works as a customer support executive at SafetyQuip, leading providers of half mask respirator. Emily is passionate about fashion and loves to stay up-to-date with the latest fashion trends.

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