Funny Cards to Send Someone for their Birthday

Birthdays are occasions to celebrate, times when you congratulate and celebrate someone’s existence, but most of all time to have some fun with your friends. Apart from buying presents and going to parties, you can surprise and cheer up the person whose birthday it is with birthday cards.

Whether in electronic form or conventional birthday cards come in all shapes and sizes. Funny, witty, they are colourful and are meant to make someone very happy. No matter which kind of card you choose you definitely have an abundance of choice in front of you and it is not always easy to pick the perfect card.

Conventional cards

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If you want to send a conventional birthday card by mail or deliver it in person, office supply and similar stores have made your work a little more difficult and stock a wide variety of cards. Most with witty slogans and attractive graphics, they all carry across the same message. If you want to make your card even more personal you can always choose to make it by yourself. Homemade cards are a more personal way to celebrate someone’s birthday and will require some effort on your part.


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In today’s modern world it is only normal to have most of your life digitised and communicate in electronic form. Nowadays when people live in social networks and when email is more important than normal talk, it is only natural that most birthday greetings and cards come also in electronic form. Not to overestimate but most people probably prefer receiving cards on the computer. That way they can store them without having to think of where to physically put them. Of course, e-cards give you much more variety and interaction than regular cards. Custom animations, sounds and personal messages make them highly adaptable to each particular person. You can even put someone’s picture, face or voice in them and send them to your friends. There are many services which offer greeting cards for all occasions, which you can personalise in just a few simple steps, and you don’t have to be a computer geek to do so. The result is amazing and often funny as hell. Most of these sites are free, but they also have premium services, which are free of ads and offer more detailed content. Some of these services are: JibJab, and Yahoo Greetings.

Alternative fun

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For those who really want to amaze their friends there are more imaginative options. Services like singing telegrams for example. Imagine a person dressed in a werewolf costume barging into your office and starting to sing Happy Birthday in front of all your colleagues. These and other alternative services are a little more expensive but they will definitely make an impression.