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Five Unique Christmas Gift Ideas For Home Improvement DIYers

If you know a DIY’er who has everything or are just looking for some relatively inexpensive gifts to give your home improvement loved one this winter, the following five tools are among the most practical yet unique items on the market. From the manliest named flashlight (and one of the most useful) to a simple materials calculator, these gifts will undoubtedly help anyone mark a few items off their to-do list.

1. Joby Gorillatorch Blade Tactical Flashlight

With one of the manliest names to ever grace a flashlight, the Joby Gorillatorch Blade Tactical Flashlight offers extreme versatility at an affordable price. No longer will the DIY’er be forced to bite a tiny flashlight to see his project or maneuver a hanging light into just the right spot. The Joby Gorillatorch Blade Tactical Flashlight has a bendable tripod (with 360 degree pan and 180 degree tilt) with powerful magnets at the end of each leg, so you can attach it to any metal surface at nearly any angle you need. It easily squeezes into tight spots.

You can adjust the light from mellow to bright, narrow it to a small spot or have it span over a wide range. And it offers 6.5 hours of battery at 30 Lumens, or 2.5 hours at 130 Lumens with the “Boost Augmenter” activated. When you’re done, choose how you want to recharge it: the usual power outlet or even a USB plug-in.

It could be the best thing to happen to flashlights since the invention of the LED light.


2. Rockwell JawStand

The JawStand is more than a sawhorse for the modern age: it’s a versatile, solidly built multi-tool that also serves as a third pair of hands for nearly any project. The JawStand can hold, clamp, support, and feed materials. It tilts 90 degrees (and includes a bubble leveler), can support 220 pounds of weight, includes a built-in clamp, and can be easily adjusted to change the height. Calling the JawStand a sawhorse is an insult to this versatile tool.




3. Grip-On Handsfree Plier Kit

The Grip-On Handsfree Plier Kit doubles as a beefy set of pliers that easily convert into a portable vise without millions of new ways to pinch your fingers like many other hands-free systems. The Grip-On Handsfree Plier Kit comes with two pairs of 10-inch locking pliers and Omnium grips that slide into adjustable grip holders to form a vise. It’s especially handy for the DIY’er working on projects away from his usual work area.

4. Tool Band-it Adjustable Magnetic Arm Band

Anything with the label “As Seen on TV” or promoted by the late pitchman Billy Mays is worth questioning, but the Tool Band-it Adjustable Magnetic Arm Band is one device that answers those questions with convenience, stability, and usefulness. This magnetized armband allows you to attach nails, screws, screwdrivers, and anything magnetic and is ideal for ladder work (no more biting nails or dropping screws into no man’s land). The manufacturer claims it can support up to 25 pounds, but recommends that it not be used for carrying more than a pound.


5. ProjectCalc DIY Project Calculator For Dummies

This little yellow calculator is a handy tool for the true DIY’er who would rather continue with a project than take a break to calculate how much material they’ll need for a project and how much it will cost.

The calculator includes material and cost calculations for carpet, concrete, tile, paint and wallpaper. Start by entering your measurements and you can convert it between all standard dimensional math formats. Hit the cost button to find out the predicted cost for materials in the space you need.

Jim Davenport is a home improvement veteran with a passion for big boy toys and HVAC systems. If you’re looking for a bigger investment this Christmas in a new heating system, he suggests you check out these overviews for natural gas furnace prices and Furnace prices before you buy.

Top Ten Gift Ideas For Museum/Gallery Geeks

If you’re always wondering what to buy for your friend or family member who’s only into museums, you’ve found the right article! Take a look through these top ten suggestions that will be sure to please the gallery lover in your life.

1. A membership on you: What is it that really interests the person you’re buying for? Is it art museums? Sports Hall of Fame? Look up the website for your friend’s favourite museum and purchase an annual membership that could give them benefits from free parking to discounted museum shop purchases.

2. Make a day of it: Plan a day around a visit to the museum by going with a theme. Offer to pick up the tab for dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe after visiting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, or stage a Lord of the Rings Marathon around a trip to the Sci-Fi/Fantasy Museum.

3. Educate them: People often like to build skills or knowledge to complement their interests. Is your friend all about the Jimi Hendrix Experience Museum? Find a local electric guitar teacher and give the first lesson or two on you.

4. Traveling museums: Many museums belong to regional or national groups that offer combination discount passes. Maybe your friend has visited your local history museum, but doesn’t know there’s a sister museum 4 hours away. A combination pass comes with lots of information to get your trip planning started.

5. Travel accommodations: You know your friend would love to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame, but you live 3 states away. Help them make there dream vacation a reality by splurging on train or airfare, hotel room, or restaurant gift cards.

6. Introduction to something new: Monet is all you hear about when your friend comes home from the art museum. Help her find another artist she may love by doing a little digging. Talk to an art history professor at a local university or a staff member at the museum. Take their suggestions and purchase a book or print by a new artist she might like as a gift.

7. Offer company: Visiting museums by yourself can get boring. Gather a group of friends or family together and ask if your friend can serve as a tour guide for their favourite museum. Tickets and lunch on you!

8. Raid the gift shop: Bring a gift that’s sure to get laughs when you visit the gift shop at your friend’s favourite local gallery. Put together a basket of all the silly knick-knacks you can find: temporary tattoos, magnets, figurines, you name it!

9. Special night: Many galleries host fundraisers and special events right at the museum. Get out your black tie apparel and make it a night to remember.

10. City Pass: If you’re not sure which museums are your friend’s favourites, look into a local city pass. These usually offer admission to 10-20 local attractions, and it’s likely at least one will be a great fit for your friend.

It’s time to get creative. You know what your friend likes and where they’ve already been. Support their museum love with a gift that shows you’ve been paying attention.

Will writes on behalf of a number of creative businesses including Absolute product, Absolute sell art gallery supplies and museum supplies such as picture hanging systems, art barriers, gallery products and specialist art display systems.

2 Wonderful Portable Coffee Makers For Christmas

Christmas Shopping. It’s for other people. But every year many people end up getting “just a little something” for themselves. It’s too tempting especially with some of the gifts available this year. Often some of the gifts that are bought as presents are purchased because “I quite liked it so I thought you might”. There’s a moment during shopping, that you go “I could do with a break” – and then you see a gift that would be great for someone else, but you’d prefer to enjoy it on your own, right now. It’s a stimulating, classy gift for a person of taste – it’s a Coffee Maker.

The mypressi TWIST is such a gift. A portable coffee maker not only looks great but also delivers quality coffee time-and-time again. Plus it’s only a fraction of the price of an over-the-top coffee machine (which can require servicing and some hands-on mechanical adjustments). The TWIST is designed to be handy on-the-move: it’s hard-wearing, robust and heavy-enough to feel trustworthy. It’s a perfect Christmas gift for the Coffee-obsessed member of your family (there’s always one).

The mypressi TWIST is travel-friendly. As good in a hotel room as it is on the top of the hill. The TWIST only requires water and coffee – which can be pre-ground, freshly ground or from an ESE Pod, and that means Nespresso and other pods. It’s a perfect replacement for an old coffee machine and an excellent substitute – it doesn’t need to warm up and will consistently give good results.

For that more gadget-loving friend you have something that’s a little more “science project”-like might be a better fit. Enter the AeroPress Coffee Maker. It looks like a plastic test tube but makes espresso like a Pro Barista. Plus it packs up pretty well, again it’s a top choice amongst portable espresso machines. With a sub-£30 pricetag it’s almost too good. The AeroPress is made by Frisbee (or ‘Sports Disc’) manufacturers Aerobie. They’ve turned their physics brains from making kids games into high-powered competitive events to pleasing Home Baristas the world over. The AeroPress holds the (probably unchallenged) record for producing Coffee at the Highest Altitude. It’s a 20,000ft+ Coffee Making wonder.

For more information about unique coffee makers and some rather beautiful espresso cups please see

Top Toys for Christmas 2011

Check back in October when we will release the Dream Dozen for 2012. In the meantime check out the List from 2011 and 2010.

Top Toys for Christmas 2011

The Dream Toys for Christmas 2011 was been announced on October 26th 2011 by the Toy Retailers Association, who provides the toy industry with the official list of “Christmas Best Sellers”. The Toy Retailers Association (TRA) annual Dream toys list is the official prediction of Christmas best sellers for the UK toy industry. This years dream dozen toys for 2011 has seen the trend in technological advanced toys, this trend might follow 2010 dream dozen list. This years selection includes toys with a technological twist, ranging from tablet computers for children to toys that interacts and engage with children.

This years best selling toys were drawn from 7 categories, top 10 toys for boys, top 10 toys for girls, top 10 cool and hot toys, top 10 games, top 10 contruction toys, top 10 creative toys and top 10 pre-school toys.

Best Selling Toys Christmas 2011

Below are the Dream Dozen Toys for 2011.

    1. Milky The Bunny
    2. Fijit Friends
    3. Kidizoom Twist
    4. LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer
    5. Moshi Monsters Moshling Treehouse
    6. Nerf Vortex Nitron
    7. LEGO Ninjago Fire Temple
    8. Lets Rock Elmo
    9. Doggie Doo
    10. Fireman Sam Pontypandy Multi Rescue Set
    11. Monster High Lagoona Blue Doll And Hydration Station
    12. Star Wars Ultimate FX Lightsaber

From the Top Toys for Girl categories we have two entries which are Milky the Bunny Emotion Pet from Flair and Monster High Lagoona’s Hydration Station from Mattel. From the Top Toys for Boys category we have Nerf Vortex Nitron Blaster from Hasbro and Star Wars Ultimate Force Tech Lightsaber Assortment by Hasbro. from Top Pre-School category Toys we have Lets Rock Elmo by Hasbro, Kidizoom Twist Camera by Vtech and Fireman Sam Pontypandy Multi Rescue Set by Character. From the Top  Games category we have Doggie Doo by John Adams and from the Top Construction Toys category we have Ninjago Fire Temple by Lego. From the  Cool and Hot Toys categories we have Fijit Friends by Mattel, LeapPad Explorer by Leapfrog and Moshling Treehouse by Vivid.

We are eagerly awaiting the results on October 26, 2011 for this year best socking fillers. Other retailers have already released their predicted best selling toys:-

Top Selling Toys for Christmas 2010

Here it is the list the major retailers were waiting for and parents dread, “Top Toys for Christmas 2010?. The annual Dream Toys list from the Toy Retailers’ Associations (TRA), the industry’s official prediction for Christmas best sellers. Last year Top Toy for Christmas saw the Go Go Pet Hamsters topping the best seller charts, with most stores in the UK running out of stock within weeks of general release.

The Top 12 Dream Toys or Dream Dozen Toys 2010 were drawn from 6 categories, top toys for boys, top toys for girls, top cool toys, top creative play and top pre-school toys.

From the Boys Toys category we have Jetpack Buzz Lightyear from Mattel from Toy Story 3, the highest grossing animated film in 2010. Sylvanian Families Motorcycle and Side Car by Flair Leisure, FurReal Go Go Walking Pup by Hasbro and Zhu Zhu Hamsters Grooming Salon by Character Options were selected from the Girls Toys category. The Creative Play category is represented by Fireman Sam Deluxe Fire Station Playset by Character Options and Kidizoom VideoCam by Vtech.

The Games category is represented by a new twist of the classic Monopoly board game called Monopoly Revolution by Hasbro and racing one of the family to blow up a 3ft tall inflatable character with the Pumpaloons action game by Drumond Park. The Creative Play category is represented by toys than will keep minds and hands busy long after Christmas Day, LEGO City Airport and Moon Dough Barn by Spinmaster Toys make the Dream Dozen List. Finally, from the Cool Toys category we have the uber cool Paper Jamz Guitar by Wow Wee Europe and Nerf N Strike Stampede ECS.

The Toy Retailers Association represents around 2500 stores and over 100 different companies accounting for 60% of toy retailers and this is the 44th year they have predicted the Top Toys for Christmas.

Best Selling Toys for Boys 2010

Along with the Dream Dozen List the TRA also predicted a list of the 12 best selling toys for boys this Christmas 2010:-

Armouron Action Set Bandai
Bakugan Maxus Dragonoid 7-in-1
Ben’s Mark 10 Car
Beyblade Super Vortex Battle Set Hasbro
Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Character Options
Hot Wheels Dr Bones Colour Lab Mattel
Jet Pack Buzz Lightyear Mattel
Kung Zhu Battle Arena
Star Wars: Clone Wars General Grievous Lightsaber
Star Wars: Hoth Wampa Cave
Toy Story Collection Sheriff Woody Vivid
UNSC Arctic Rocket Warthog

Gifts from the Heart, With Love

It is so nice when given a present from someone special, to receive something that you have been longing for. It becomes so exciting to take off the bow, undo the wrapping, to find that personalised gift that is so you. Of course, it does not always work like that; sometimes we all receive something that we cannot wait to take back to the shop to exchange for something else!

When buying a present, do you give thought to what the person you are buying for would like to have and so make it a personalised gift? On the other hand, do you just hurriedly buy the first thing that catches your eye and feel that at least that particular present is now organised?

There are so many lovely personalised gift ideas available on the market. If your friend enjoys reading, go out and buy them the book that is on the latest top of the book-reading list. Another suggestion is a piece of jewellery. Earrings or a bracelet are always acceptable presents and will be enjoyed wearing by the receiver for a long time.

Giving thought to what you are buying and making the present a more personalised gift is actually a fun shopping thing to do, as you will get as much pleasure out of the giving, as your friend will do when receiving it. Another suggestion is to give a photo frame. It can be a plain design or something fancier, as the person that you are giving it to will then be able to insert a photo of their choice. The admiration of it on a daily basis makes it a much-appreciated present.

Taking chocolates or flowers are always a good idea for giving to someone that you do not know so well or for giving to a host as an appreciation gift when invited to a dinner party in their home.

In times gone by, handkerchiefs with initials embroidered on them were most acceptable personalised gifts; unfortunately, today they are not much in use, as the use of tissues considered as much more hygienic.

If you are really completely uninspired as to what present to give, then give a “gift voucher” to that person, giving them the option of choosing what they would like to buy with it. This is a most acceptable present and often a delight to the recipient.

An article of clothing is also a good idea. However, make sure that you do know the persons size, their taste in style and the colouring that they are fond of wearing. Otherwise, buy them a scarf. Scarves are a fashion item now, so they will be delighted with a scarf gift from you.

CDs and DVDs, drink glasses with their names inscribed on them, are other options that are great for giving as gifts. Always well received and enjoyed. However, whatever the present is that you are going to give, do remember to put thought into what the person that you are buying for really likes, this makes it so much more of a personalised gift and will ensure that your shopping experience is so much easier.

Birth Year Wines : The Perfect Wine Gift

Source: caseywest on Flickr.

By now, I think we all understand that wine makes for a fantastic gift. We’ve had several hundred years to establish this, after all. The height of good manners at a gathering is surely to come with a bottle of wine to share, and the gesture is accepted even if you’ve just picked up whatever was half-price on the supermarket shelves.

But beyond this good party etiquette, there are plenty of great times to offer wine as a present, or to offer wine-related gifts to someone who truly appreciates the wine serving ritual. Welcome a young relative to maturity with a bottle of wine rather than a beer, help a friend settle into a new home with a wine rack or celebrate a landmark in a marriage with a bottle of champagne. There are countless options and the right present can surprise and delight virtually anyone.

Good Years For Good People

Giving someone any old wine is usually fine, but if you really want to go the extra mile try to give the gift of a wine that means something to the person you’re buying for. You may give a wine that you want a friend to experience, or gift a wine which you know they like. But if you want to give somebody a truly impressive gift, buying a wine from a person’s birth year is truly impressive thing to do.

Of course, it’s impressive in part because it’s probably going to cost you quite a bit. The wine you purchase will be at least twenty years old, and if anything is worth keeping for longer than that, it usually runs into the tens of thousands of pounds! Of course, buying twenty years after a wine was originally grown gives you the luxury of being able to research which varieties enjoyed a ‘good year’, but this may push prices up!

Buying For Children (Well, For When They’re Adults Anyway)

Instead, many customarily buy birth-year wines for children that can then be stored and opened to celebrate when they come of age. Or perhaps they’ll just sell them on and enjoy the profits of a good year.

  • Of course, this is dependent on having adequate storage
  • Note that it isn’t actually possible to buy a ‘birth year wine’ in a child’s birth year. Most high quality wines are not bottled for up to two and a half years after the grapes that go into them are harvested. ‘En Primeur’ Campaigns do allow you to put down (less) money for a previous year’s harvest, and make a fine first birthday gift.
  • Even if you stick to obvious big name red wines like Port, Sauternes and Bordeaux, there’s a chance that the wine simply won’t last. Generally, these regions are the safest bets, but it may be worth seeing what wine experts have to say about the wine from time to time.
  • Though no substitute for twenty years of tasting, wine critics do quite accurately assess wines before they go on sale, so it should be easy to tell what’s going to be a fantastic buy.

The end result is more than worth it. A new adult’s first taste of alcohol should be of a quality alcohol, and the beauty of providing wine in this way is that it comes with a story, rather than simply providing a story of drunken binge drinking.

The Top Ten Office Gadgets

Your office space should be practical, organized and convenient. Since you probably spend at least eight hours a day occupying your cubicle, keep a well-stocked supply of office gadgets on hand. Here are a few things that will make your workday easier to navigate.

Digital Voice Recorder – Note pads are great, but it’s much easier to hit record on your digital voice recorder. Record everything from dictation to deadlines with the flick of a switch. They are smart, handy and economical.

PDA or Personal Digital Assistant – Efficiently plan your day with a personal digital assistant. This small hand-held computer will keep track of your appointments, store your email addresses, perform calculations and allow Internet access. You can even play a game or two.

Wireless Printer – A wireless printer is a must have in a crowded office space. Hooking up your printer to your computer isn’t always convenient. When your printer has to sit across the room or cubicle, wireless is better.

Desktop Coffee Maker – You’re working late again and the coffee in the break room is probably hours old. Besides, you prefer to brew your own special blend. Keep a desktop coffee maker in your office for your personal fresh caffeine fix.

USB Flash drive – Does your job keep you on the go? A USB flash drive will keep your important documents at your fingertips wherever you may be. This inexpensive and useful device will allow you to take your work on the road quickly and easily.

Digital Pen – Your handwritten notes go directly into software applications that are saved on your PC. Why transfer your notes later when you can skip a step or two. They will be there when you need them, neatly organized and readily available.

Surge Protector – If you’ve ever had to work during a lightening storm than you know the value of a good surge protector. Not only can a lightening bolt destroy your computer, but it can also give you quite a shock. Protect yourself and your equipment with a reliable surge protector.

Sticky Notes – No matter how high-tech your office might be, sticky notes are always a necessity. They come in all shapes, colours and sizes. Scented sticky notes come in chocolate, donut and popcorn – to name a few. The one that fits over a light switch will certainly catch their attention.

Scissors – Have you tried to open a package lately? Anything from a package of potato chips to computer paper is locked up as tight as the office safe. Scissors are an important accessory to add to an organized office.

Personal Planner – Never miss another appointment because your computer went down. A personal planner is great to have as a back up just in case. Keep all of you important contact information and appointments handwritten and readily available.

Add efficiency to your office space with sensible office gadgets. Be prepared for every possibility with a well-supplied cubicle. You will meet every deadline with time to spare!


Experience Days: The Perfect Gift

It’s one of life’s annoying little frustrations that some people are just incredibly hard to buy gifts for. Even if you know them well, and you really want to get them something special, it can sometimes be an absolute nightmare finding them an appropriate gift that you know will knock their socks off. So do experience days make such a good gift? Often when buying gifts, most people are looking for something physical; a DVD or a gadget perhaps, and that’s where it gets tricky. Experience days are great for gifts because you’re buying someone a large dose of fun that they’re guaranteed to remember for years to come!

Who wouldn’t enjoy driving a fast car for the day, or learning to fly, or going on an exclusive pamper day?! Most experience day websites have something for everyone, so if your recipient wouldn’t appreciate an adrenaline pumping day out, you could always opt for something a little bit different such as a flying lesson. The main point here is that you have choice, and choice makes buying gifts for people a hell of a lot easier.

How does it Work?

If you’ve never purchased an experience day before then you might be wandering how it works. Most people’s concerns are regarding flexibility on dates and locations. If you choose to book through a reputable source then you should be given a good choice of locations for each activity. When you purchase your activity of choice, you’re typically given a voucher that can be used within a certain time period. For example, you probably wouldn’t want to do a hot air balloon ride in the winter, but you could easily purchase the voucher at Christmas and book for the spring when you’re much more likely to get favourable weather.

If that’s not enough, then we’ve listed a few ideas below of the sorts of things you could be surprising your loved one with:

Aerobatic Flight

Does your friend or family member love seeking new thrills, but has seen enough of the standard theme park rides? Well, if so you could consider sending them up in an aerobatic display plane to experience some terrifying loop the loops and barrel rolls. Many of these packages will also let you have a go at flying the plane and performing some stunts by yourself. Awesome!

Indoor Skydiving

For something really different, you could consider buying someone an indoor skydiving experience. For those who aren’t familiar with the sport, it basically involves dressing up in a suit with webbed arms and standing on top of a giant fan. The lift from the fan enables you to fly up into the air and roll around and pretend you’re superman.

But What about Mum?

If you’re looking for something a little bit more relaxing, and don’t think a parachuting voucher would go down too well with your mum, then there’s plenty of options left. One of the most popular experiences are hot air balloon rides in a location of your choice. We reckon your mum would definitely appreciate seeing the sunset over English country side in the peace and quiet of a balloon.


Gifts for Young Writers

Children have stories to tell, but they don’t always have the means to tell them until they are older. Here are a few ideas for giving young writers the tools and the space to tell the stories and share the ideas that are important to them.



I’m not just talking about Crayola coloring books. A thick, ruled journal, whether hardbound or covered in leather, feels like the writing tool of a grownup. Giving a child the tools of an adult writer inspires and pushes them to develop their writing skills, at the very least giving them a physical space to start writing down ideas. Early journals may be filled with fleeting thoughts or very young ideas, but theses are the foundations upon which great writers build their skills.

The trick with giving a journal to a child is encouraging them to use it rather than just enjoying the prettiness of the cover design or the texture of the scrolled leather. Journals are tools, and parents are instrumental in teaching young writers how to use them. The writing does not need to be perfect of course, but there does need to be writing involved. Giving a child the dedicated space to write their ideas and stories is the first step towards discovering what stories they have to tell.

Desks and Book Cases

These are a bit more of an investment, but they can prove very worthwhile to a growing writer. Every storyteller should have a space to work, even very young ones. A child-sized writing desk with pockets and drawers for paper and art supplies can become the central hub for a young writer’s creativity. No matter what else fills the room, they will always be able to sit down at their desk and write. A desk also gets them in the habit of working at a designated work space that they can rid of distractions or fill with their particular inspirations.

Bookshelves serve a similar purpose. Child-size bookshelves are perfect for displaying a child’s favorite books, perhaps ones that they will read for a lifetime. All great writers start as great readers, and filling a room with books that inspire and teach is the perfect way to begin exposing young writers to the wonders of language.

Publication Gift Certificate

Children associate real writers with books, so help young writers feel like the professionals by publishing one of their stories! Affordable services and technology now exists that lets anyone, even children, publish their stories in the form of quality books just like the ones on a young author’s bookshelves. Most of these services are available online and allow books to be printed and shipped directly to your home to become the newest edition of your young writer’s library.

Housewarming Gift Ideas

Whether or not you helped your friend move house or if it was a removal company or they themselves acting as a man and a van, they have a new home now. There will be a party and drinks and gifts to be given. Oh…haven’t thought of what you’re going to give the new homeowners? There are a lot of different things that you can gift your friends, but if their home is already well-appointed with furniture and all the accessories, your options are kind of limited.

Here are a few smart ideas, though.


Who doesn’t like a nice bottle of wine? And it won’t set you back too far, at least not compared to that serving set their old neighbor got them, or the new dining set their parents gave. And giving a bottle of wine to friends always makes me feel somehow…sophisticated. More grown-up. So if you’re buying something on the cheap and don’t have many ideas, wine is always a great fallback.


While your friends may have a furnished home, most likely there are bare walls…somewhere. If you know your friends well enough to know both their color preferences and their artistic style, buying them a piece of art (or creating one yourself) is a great way to surprise them, and also show that you know them! And if high-end art isn’t something that you can afford, framing a photograph, or finding a favorite poster and framing it for them is always another option. Don’t forget – real flowers (and not just painted ones) are artistic as well. If all else fails, get the pair (or the family) a great floral arrangement.

Something Lucky

Bamboo, Ganesha, lucky cats – in most cultures you’ll come across something or other that symbolizes luck in new ventures. Why not take advantage of that more-than-humanly symbol and pass it along to your friends? Even if it isn’t something that you believe or practice, that talisman in their home will always remind them of you and the fact that you wished them the best of luck in their new home.

Small Accessories

The trick with giving your friends smaller accessories, like salt and pepper shakers, key holders, aprons or mugs is to make them unique, memorable and usually funny. Gift giving never needs to be serious, and while the humorous gift you give your friends at their housewarming may not be used all the time, it will always be remembered.

Money/Gift Cards

Last but not least, don’t think that a gift of money would go unappreciated. Take into consideration whether or not you know your friends need to get a new set of plates, but you don’t know their taste well enough to feel confident buying it. Give them a gift card to a shop that sells the flatware that they want to buy! Or if you know they need bedding, etc, etc. But if you really aren’t sure what they need, but are sure they need something or another, just give them some cash. While it may not be as flashy a gift as wine or art, it’s often one that is more appreciated.

If you’re stuck when it comes to what to get your friend for their new home, hopefully this will serve as a great starting off point.