Buy new gifts by cashing in on your old clutter

Now that the major gift-giving season has passed and you don’t have to constantly wonder about what makes the perfect holiday gift, you may think it’s time to relax. To the contrary, however, as soon as Christmas and Valentine’s Day are over, you’re gearing up for summer, the season of weddings. You may also have a few birthdays coming up that you want to stock up for. How can you keep up with the steady pace of gifting expenses without breaking the bank? The answer is closer to home than you expected.

Believe it or not, there are dozens of items sitting around your house that could be making you money right now. From old workout equipment to that extra blender that you ended up with after your own housewarming party, you’re sitting on your very own piggy bank. Here’s how to turn them into a quick quid instantly.

Clothing items – If you’ve received some pretty awful sweaters over the years, it’s finally time to unload them! Your new or gently used items will fetch you a hefty pay off at a consignment shop or a contemporary clothing store, and they will probably be worth even more if you’ve never removed the price tag. Your aunt will never have to know that you secretly hated the pair of slacks she got you for Christmas, and you can use the money from their sale to buy something that someone will actually appreciate. Just consider your ingenuity “paying it forward.”

Books – The world of literature holds so many possibilities, especially when it comes to selling. If you’re a former university student holding onto texts about chemistry or sociology, do a bit of online research to find out which schools are using your texts, and then scout out some sites with posters looking for cheap text books. Even if you don’t sell them back at full price, you can still make hundreds of pounds from your scholarly texts. You can also sell back everything from romance novels to self-help bestsellers by heading to a local used book store.

CDs and DVDs – And don’t forget about heading to your home’s recreational room to sift through the hundreds of old discs that you have. Whether you just didn’t have the heart to tell your mom that you’ve outgrown your Hanson fan stage, or you can’t remember what you were thinking when you bought that Shaggy album, selling your CDs online can put an end to all of your music shame. Selling DVDs with musicMagpie is also an easy way to make a bit of extra cash, as well. Simply head to the web site to upload some information about each disc that you want to sell, and you’ll be on your way to receiving a cheque in the mail.

Exercise equipment – From skiing to skateboarding, a lot of beginner athletes want to get a taste of a new hobby before they fully commit. If you have used exercise equipment that is still in good condition, you could easily sell it at a discounted rate so that someone else can get some use out of it. Head to a popular listing site like Gumtree to find willing buyers in your area.

The key to turning these items into new gifts for the people that you care about is using your resources to the fullest extent. There are tons of web sites like musicMagpie and Ebay that can help you become a master seller in no time. And after you’ve made enough cash, you can feel free to give gifts based on admiration and appreciation and not a measly budget.