Adrenaline Gift Experience in Manchester

Manchester is a vibrant city in the North West of England and regarded by some as the second city or the third city in the UK. Manchester has become one of the top city destination breaks for many in the UK and worldwide. The city has a great selection of bars, theatres, comedy clubs, night clubs and other entertainment venues. The city is also football mad with the most supported club in the world Manchester United FC and one of the richest Manchester City FC.
Activities suitable for all can be found around the city but if you want to get your blood pumping in Manchester The Gift Arena might have some ideas for you.

Indoor Ice Climbing in Manchester

Indoor Ice Climbing Gift Experience takes the extreme sport of ice climbing to another level and bringing it indoors. Situated at Vertical Chill Ice Wall in Deansgate, which is in the Manchester City Centre. Great all year round gift idea.

Indoor Skydiving in Manchester

Located next to Manchester’s Indoor Ski Slopes the Chill Factor, Airkix Indoor Sky Diving Centre offers the excellent thrill of sky diving also known as body flying in a fun and safe environment. The Indoor Sky Diving experience is done in a vertical wind tunnel similar to tunnels used by aviation, aerodynamics and automotive industries.  Body flying is very simple, just step in the vertical tunnel and assume the horizontal flying position. Once you’ve settled in a neutral flying position, an instructor teaches you some basic moves and some neat tricks.

Bungee Jumping in Manchester

Fancy jumping off a 300ft platform with the only thing stopping from you smacking in the ground is a bit of rope? If the answer is YES, you’ve got more guts than the Gift Guru. Located in Salford Quays area in Manchester, the bungee jumping experience involves jumping off a specialised modified crane 300ft high, the highest bungee jump experience in UK, This adrenaline experience definitely not for the faint hearted.

Sphereing/ Zorbing in Manchester

Zorbing aka Spereing, Globe Riding or Orbing was invented in 1994 in New Zealand, originally designed for rolling/walking on water but they decided that rolling down a hill will be more fun. There are different types of Zorbing experiences in Manchester such as harness zorbing, aqua zorbing and the exhilarating air zorbing.

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