2 Wonderful Portable Coffee Makers For Christmas

Christmas Shopping. It’s for other people. But every year many people end up getting “just a little something” for themselves. It’s too tempting especially with some of the gifts available this year. Often some of the gifts that are bought as presents are purchased because “I quite liked it so I thought you might”. There’s a moment during shopping, that you go “I could do with a break” – and then you see a gift that would be great for someone else, but you’d prefer to enjoy it on your own, right now. It’s a stimulating, classy gift for a person of taste – it’s a Coffee Maker.

The mypressi TWIST is such a gift. A portable coffee maker not only looks great but also delivers quality coffee time-and-time again. Plus it’s only a fraction of the price of an over-the-top coffee machine (which can require servicing and some hands-on mechanical adjustments). The TWIST is designed to be handy on-the-move: it’s hard-wearing, robust and heavy-enough to feel trustworthy. It’s a perfect Christmas gift for the Coffee-obsessed member of your family (there’s always one).

The mypressi TWIST is travel-friendly. As good in a hotel room as it is on the top of the hill. The TWIST only requires water and coffee – which can be pre-ground, freshly ground or from an ESE Pod, and that means Nespresso and other pods. It’s a perfect replacement for an old coffee machine and an excellent substitute – it doesn’t need to warm up and will consistently give good results.

For that more gadget-loving friend you have something that’s a little more “science project”-like might be a better fit. Enter the AeroPress Coffee Maker. It looks like a plastic test tube but makes espresso like a Pro Barista. Plus it packs up pretty well, again it’s a top choice amongst portable espresso machines. With a sub-£30 pricetag it’s almost too good. The AeroPress is made by Frisbee (or ‘Sports Disc’) manufacturers Aerobie. They’ve turned their physics brains from making kids games into high-powered competitive events to pleasing Home Baristas the world over. The AeroPress holds the (probably unchallenged) record for producing Coffee at the Highest Altitude. It’s a 20,000ft+ Coffee Making wonder.

For more information about unique coffee makers and some rather beautiful espresso cups please see espressodeco.com.

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